Why TMC Property Solutions

About Us. Since the day we launched TMC Property Solutions, our mission and focus have been to educate homeowners, help families, and provide “win-win” solutions to help homeowners get out of difficult real estate situations… such as avoiding foreclosure, owning problem property, inheriting a house you don’t want, ugly divorce situations, bad tenants, tired landlords, or anything else you can imagine.  We understand how stressful, time-consuming, and expensive these situations can be. At TMC Property Solutions, we focus on creating a custom solution to fit your situation so you can move on with life and continue doing the things you love without dealing with your real estate situation. TMC Property Solutions operates several websites to market our business; a couple of them are www.TMCPropertySolutions.com, www.IBuyNorthTexasHomes.com, and www.AvoidForeclosureFortWorth.com.

About us.  TMC Property Solutions is your local trusted house buyer and pays cash for houses in Texas.
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TMC Property Solutions – 912 S. Elm St.
Weatherford, TX 76086

TMC Property Solutions is your local trusted House Buyer in North Texas with 23+ years of experience providing solutions to homeowners who need to sell your house fast. We help by paying cash for houses in North Texas and surrounding cities. It is based in Weatherford, Texas.  We’re a veteran-operated business, and with our years of experience, we believe we can create a solution for your situation whether you’re going through a foreclosure, need to downsize your home, inherited a house, are divorcing, can’t sell your property, or need to sell your house fast for any number of reasons. We help by paying Cash for Houses in Texas.

What Makes Us Different

We know you have many options today for selling your house. We’re not afraid of competition.  We thrive on it.  That’s why we work hard for you to win your trust and confidence in us. We’re honest and trustworthy, and our reputation supports that.  We embrace technology in our real estate business to streamline and automate our real estate transactions. We use a state-of-the-art business management system, keeping our business extremely organized, efficient, and on schedule so that we can spend less time shuffling paperwork and more time finding the right solutions for you. Our offer for your house will be detailed and easy to understand, with a full explanation of how we came to the offer we did, leaving no questions unanswered. Others don’t offer that.

About us.  Tim & Michelle with TMC Property Solutions is your local trusted house buyer.

Our Team

With 23+ years of experience creating solutions for buying houses fast in North Texas under our belts, our team and network of real estate experts have handled some of the most complicated real estate transactions today. Whether you’re looking to sell your house or your investment property in North Texas or buy your forever home or a new investment property, our goal is to create a solution that works for both of us. We approach every transaction with the utmost professionalism and care and are dedicated to closing your transaction in the best way for you.

About us.  Eloisa, with TMC Property Solutions provides all the admin support for TIm to help our clients.

Eloisa has been with the team for several years and supports TMC Property Solutions’ administrative tasks. She keeps everything organized and lets Tim provide our customers with the best customer service possible.

How Our Process Works

Your situation is our top priority.  If you have any questions about how our process works, what the process of selling a house is, who pays for what, or having us help you sell your house fast, prevent a pending foreclosure, or want to learn more about us… Don’t hesitate to stop by our office in Weatherford or contact us at the address below anytime!  We’re glad to answer your questions, and we’ll ask you a few questions about your situation and the property; we’ll explain the process in simple, easy-to-understand steps with no obligation or hassle, and then you decide if TMC Property Solutions is the right solution. We believe we can help you.

(817) 550-5069 Opt# 1 24/7 Hour Info-Line

TMC Property Solutions is a veteran-owned and operated business and has been helping families across North Texas for 23+ years, “Sell Their House Fast” and providing solutions that work.  We are an accredited business, and A+ rated member of the Fort Worth BBB.

We encourage you to Google TMC Property Solutions to see what others say about our services and to call us today!

23+ years helping homeowners “Sell Your House Fast”!