3 Shady Things Some Listing Agents Do

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Listing agents may appear to favor sellers by complying with excessive demands rather than being upfront, but this does not satisfy their fiduciary duty to work in the seller’s best interests. Unfortunately, sellers don’t realize the potential consequences of their choices and demands until it’s far too late.

Having realistic expectations and entering into an agreement with your eyes wide open results in far less of an emotional roller coaster, even though it is not always pleasant. We have compiled the most typical home-selling experiences to prevent making the same mistakes. Continue reading as we go through three shady tactics some Texas listing agents used to get property owners to sign a listing agreement.

Agree With Emotionally Valued Sales Price

An emotionally valued sales price is one that the owners believe their property is worth rather than one determined by factual appraisal values or the outcome of crunching the statistics to make an informed comparison of recently sold comparable properties in the area. If a listing agent only agrees to list a property for its sentimental worth, they can depend on a long period of time passes while your pricey home remains on the market to persuade you to drop the sales price as your anxiety grows. Online buyers are acutely aware of the current market worth of properties very quickly, and they will immediately scroll through a listing if the price is too high or too cheap. Professional buyers with experience like us at TMC Property Solutions know how important your house is to you, which is why we are open and honest about all the numbers we use in our offer. We also want you to be fully informed, therefore the TMC Property Solutions will also share with you the potential profit from becoming public. After doing your research, we encourage you to choose the house sales strategy that is most appropriate for your particular situation.

Accommodate Sellers Demands 

Many times, sellers try to take on practically all of the responsibilities of a listing agent because they believe that the demands listing agents typically make nowadays are unnecessary. The relevance of high-quality digital photography and 360-degree virtual tours for internet marketing and competing in a technologically savvy market is something that sellers struggle to understand, especially in marketing. Neither do they think that staging a property is a tried-and-true sales approach that is worth the trouble and the money. While it is unlikely that the home would sell for the full market value, some [marke_city] selling agents coerce homeowners into signing a listing agreement by handing control of the listing over to the seller. Bringing you a qualified buyer is the responsibility of a real estate agent. When you sell your house directly, you’re working with an experienced cash buyer. Any worries about the buyer’s ability to obtain financing, showings’ inconveniences, and marketing costs are put to rest. If you’re prepared, direct purchasers like those at TMC Property Solutions can give you a few weeks to choose your guaranteed closing date.

Switch Out

Another shady tactic used by certain Weatherford listing agents to persuade homeowners to sign a listing agreement is to give the impression that they will personally manage the listing because they are a top listing agent and are, therefore, deserving of their high commissions. However, the top agent will transfer it to a less experienced team member who is learning the ropes on your property while they are traveling to another listing appointment. Nothing is more aggravating than having to start again with another agent to be heard when they are simultaneously holding one of the biggest deals of your life. Since you are working with a direct homebuyer like TMC Property Solutions, there will be no switch-out and no commissions to deduct from your closing revenues. Additionally, when you sell straight to TMC Property Solutions, you won’t incur any expenditures and won’t need to be concerned about closing costs, repairs, or contingencies.

Selling Your House Without a Sellers Agent

Last month we released a BLOG on 5 scenarios on selling your house without a seller’s agent that you may find helpful as an alternative way of selling. Check it out. If you are new to our site, you may want to look at all our helpful real estate blogs to be aware of what is there.


You won’t be subjected to any pressure from a homebuyer like us at TMC Property Solutions or any of the sleazy tactics some listing agents in Weatherford use to persuade homeowners to sign a listing agreement. Our objective is to assist you, our neighbors in Weatherford, in finding solutions to issues rather than to have the most listing agreements every year. We will stop everything to listen when you speak to us. At TMC Property Solutions, we believe that effective communication is the foundation of a productive team, and our full-service team collaborates with you to simplify the home-selling process. Because TMC Property Solutions wants you to feel good about the deal long after leaving the closing table, we concentrate on you, the seller. At TMC Property Solutions, we take pride in improving our community and raising property values, one homeowner at a time. Dial or text TMC Property Solutions at (817) 550-5069 Opt# 1.

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