Benefits of Selling Directly To An Investor in Weatherford

benefits of selling directly to an investor in Weatherford
What are the benefits of selling directly to an investor?

You want to sell your house in Weatherford or the surrounding area and you’re looking forward to putting some money in your pocket from all your hard work and efforts on one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make… your home?  In general, going the traditional route to sell your house – that is, using a real estate agent, going through multiple showings, and waiting for a buyer to secure financing – will often get you a higher sale price.  But it takes much longer, and you lose a good chunk of money to closing costs and commissions.  In certain situations, then, the benefits of selling directly to an investor in Weatherford far outweigh the cons, i.e. sell quickly, no commissions or fees.

You have a lot of options when it comes to selling.  You might sell through an agent to a traditional buyer, or you might consider selling your house directly to a real estate investor as they pay cash and close within days.

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What are the Benefits of Selling Directly To An Investor?

Cash Payment

For many people considering listing vs. direct sale to a real estate investor in Weatherford, the latter is often the better/ faster option.  Real estate investment companies and many individual investors have the wherewithal to pay cash when they buy a house.  So if you sell to an investor, you’ll often receive a full cash payment on the closing date of your choice when the closing docs have been signed and closing can be quick.

Although a cash payment from an investor may be a little less than what you would receive through the traditional process, it is much faster which may minimize your holding expenses.  You also won’t have the worry of a deal falling through when a buyer can’t secure financing.

“As-Is” Purchase

One of the most attractive benefits of selling directly to an investor in Weatherford is that these deals are often “as-is.”  An investor is often willing to buy your house in its current condition, and you won’t have to sink a bunch of money in repairs and renovations before you can sell it.  Further, you won’t have to endure – or pay for – any inspections.  Not only does this speed up the whole process, but it can save you some significant expenses as well.

No Commissions

When you sell directly to an investor, you won’t be using an agent, so you won’t have to pay the agent’s commission.  The amount you are offered for your house is the actual amount you receive at closing.  If you need cash fast and need to know exactly how much you’ll receive from the sale of your house, this can be a huge plus.

Fast Closing

As indicated above, another of the benefits of selling directly to an investor in Weatherford is fast closing.  The best option depends on your unique situation and needs.  If you sell to an investment company such as TMC Property Solutions that specializes in cash house purchases, the closing can happen in as little as seven days from the time of offer.  The sale doesn’t depend on the buyer getting financing or appraised value or inspections.  Basically, you bypass all these things that slow down the sale process, and so it is greatly expedited.  Fortunately, there ARE investors out there who have the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you in your situation, no matter how complicated it is.

Foreclosure Avoidance

For some people, this can be a huge benefit of selling directly to an investor in Weatherford.  If for whatever reason – divorce, injury, layoff, medical bills – you’ve been unable to keep up with mortgage payments, the bank may be threatening to repossess your house.  So if foreclosure is on the horizon, selling directly to an investor may be a way out for you.

You can avoid ruining your credit and possibly even putting your family on the street.  Of course, this may not be the ideal solution, but it can get you out of a seemingly hopeless situation and let you keep your dignity intact.  And if you really don’t want to move out of your home, you may not have to.  Some investment companies will assume the mortgage and allow you to remain in the house and rent it from them.

Obviously, the benefits of selling directly to an investor in Weatherford are numerous and valuable. The problem is, though, that many inexperienced sellers just don’t know how to go about selling to an investor. That’s where we can help.

Here’s How To Find A Great Local Investor To Sell To

Start by looking for a local cash buyer’s website.  Do they have one?  What information do they offer?  Are they helpful?  Do they give you lots of clear and simple information?  Do they have testimonials or case studies that demonstrate their experience?

Then, call their office and talk to speak to someone.  Are they respectful of your time?  Do they sound like they know what they’re talking about?  Are they helpful?  Ask them about their process and how they work with you.  They shouldn’t be pushy and should offer no-obligation offers to you.

Consider our company TMC Property Solutions, for example, you are welcome to click around our site and learn more about us.  We are an open book and always happy to help.  Feel free to get in touch with us to ask our team questions before you decide. We highly recommend you check out our BBB report here and that of all investors you are considering.

When it comes down to selling your house through an agent or to an investor, selling to an investor is faster and easier… as long as you find the right investor!  We’re happy to talk to you before you make any decision!  We want to get to know you and earn the right to buy your house.

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