Do You Need To Prepare Your House to Sell To A Direct Buyer in Weatherford?

Prepare your house to sell
Do you need to prepare your house when selling to a direct buyer?

Do you have a home you need to sell fast?  Are you thinking about selling your own home for sale by the owner?  Do you understand the advantages of selling your own home?  Selling your house to the owner can seem like a lot of work and risk.  Different kinds of sales avenues, while similar in many ways, still require different kinds of marketing and variations in preparation for sale.  If you have a need to sell your house, you’re probably weighing your options right now and trying to decide how to sell and to who you should sell your house.  So do you need to prepare your house to sell to a direct buyer in Weatherford?

Yes, you do – sometimes, but not always.  Many direct buyers such as TMC Property Solutions will often buy a house as-is, but, generally, you don’t get the best price in this situation because of the repair costs.

Some basic prep work, then, may help you get a better price when selling to a direct buyer who wants to realize a good return on investment.  Or, you might consider working with local real estate investors such as TMC Property Solutions who will buy your house from you directly, close quickly- usually within a few days or on a date of your choice, and you never pay closing costs or commissions.  Here are the advantages of selling to an investor…

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Prepare Your House To Sell To A Direct Buyer In Weatherford

Direct Buyer’s Point of View

Very often direct buyers are real estate investors, and their sole purpose in buying a property is to make a profit.  So look at your house from their point of view.  Does it look like a good investment? The answer to the question “Do you need to prepare your house to sell to a direct buyer in Weatherford?” largely hinges on that good-investment appeal.  Find out what your house is worth: To do this you can contact a reputable real estate agent or connect with us and we can give you a no-cost no obligation valuation on your property.  Once you know what the house may be able to sell for in today’s market… that sets the basis for how long you may or may not be able/willing to sell the house.

So, yes, doing some minor improvements and repairs can make your house more appealing to a direct buyer.  Just don’t sink a ton of money into renovations.  In fact, studies have shown that most of the time major renovations will not return as much as they cost for any kind of sale.  So the biggest mistake most sellers make is investing way too much money in repairs and improvements – money that cannot be recouped in the sale price.

So let’s see what you can easily and inexpensively do to make your house seem like a good investment for a direct buyer.

Curb Appeal

What’s the first thing a buyer sees when she looks at your house?  The outside, of course.  Not every house is in pristine condition.  That’s okay, it happens.  So improving the curb appeal can do a lot to make your house appear like a better deal.  You could, for example, touch up the paint on the front of the house (the most visible aspect), remove personalized yard ornaments, or do some minor landscaping.  Other inexpensive things you could do to improve curb appeal include:

  • Installing a new mailbox
  • Installing new house numbers
  • Updating the front-door hardware
  • Staging the front porch according to the season
  • Pressure washing siding, driveway, and sidewalks

None of these things are very labor-intensive or very expensive, but they will help a direct buyer realize that your house may be a good deal. It will help assure buyers that the house doesn’t need any major, cost-prohibitive renovations or repairs.

One-Room Painting

In trying to answer “Do you need to prepare your house to sell to a direct buyer in Weatherford?” a painting often comes to mind first.  Most properties are pretty average, in reality.  They tend to be like the other houses around them, in the same way, that people who live near each other tend to have a lot in common too.  But just how extensive does the painting need to be?  Not very extensive, actually.

Even though most of the rooms in your house may need repainting, you can maximize your painting efforts while keeping the cost down by painting only the most important, most observed room (or rooms).  Generally, buyers look most closely at the master bedroom, the kitchen, and/or the entryway.  Painting just one of these can do a lot to make your house look brighter and well cared for.  If any or all of these critical rooms and areas are bright, clean, and freshly painted, it will improve buyers’ perception of the entire house.

Do you need to prepare your house to sell to a direct buyer in Weatherford?  It’s probably a good idea to do some preparation at least.  Just carefully plan the prep work, looking at everything from the direct buyer’s point of view, and don’t sink too much money into it.  There are many ways to sell your house.  Whatever you decide… decide and take action.  If you want to go the real estate agent route, great!  Find a reputable local Weatherford TX agent.  We can make agent recommendations many times depending on where you live.

And although selling to an investor might not be the right choice for everyone, it might be right for you to get your house SOLD fast.

At TMC Property Solutions, we can often buy houses in Weatherford within 7 days.  Click here to answer a few questions and we will get back to you right away with your options.

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