Home Sellers, be wary of the following ruses and hoaxes

home sellers should beware of these hoaxes and scams
Hoaxes and Scams Weatherford Home Buyers and Sellers Should Be Aware Of

What are hoaxes and scams that sellers should be aware of?

Unfortunately, the world is filled with would-be con artists looking for any way to make a fast profit at the cost of unsuspecting customers, including home buyers. The process of buying and selling real estate is no different. The key distinction is that the victims suffer a big financial loss, which is understandable given the nature of a real estate transaction.

Forewarned is forearmed, so before you fall prey, take the time to familiarize yourself with the latest variety of schemes these ne’er do wells have concocted to steal away with your hard-Take the time to familiarize yourself with the current variety of methods these ne’er do wells have invented to steal away with your hard-earned money before you fall prey. We’ll go over what Weatherford house buyers and sellers should be aware of to avoid hoaxes and scams to assist you to know what to look for.

Down Payment Hackers

Unlike the banking business, which uses severe precautions to encrypt conversations and secure accounts, real estate agent’s communication and information security is virtually non-existent and unregulated in any way. Furthermore, agents frequently use public wi-fi and free email services, both of which are easily hacked by scammers. As a result, Weatherford house buyers and sellers should be aware of the possibility of hackers intercepting communications when working with a real estate agent and exchanging emails regarding your transaction. Furthermore, once they have taken over the agent’s email account, your communications may attract their attention, and you may receive bogus instructions on where to deposit monies for the closing, only to be lost in the black hole of untraceable offshore accounts.

Baiting Sellers

Weatherford home buyers and sellers should be careful of outrageously above-market offers made to get you to close, only to demand that the seller agree to a lower-than-market-value sales price or pull out of the agreement. The con artists hope that the excitement of the offer will cause a temporary slip in judgment, so they demand a speedy signature on the contract before the sellers have a chance to read the fine print. The sellers are actually on the hook, and they will very probably follow the carrot dangling in front of them for months in the hopes of making a significant profit. Desperation sets in as months pass and expenses pile up, and this is when the scammer attacks with their lowball offer.

Home Title Fraud

To avoid house title fraud, Weatherford home buyers and sellers should understand how it works. Loans are then secured against the equity in your property. Unfortunately, many homeowners who have gone through this process hear about the plan after the lender initiates legal action against them, and loans are secured against your home’s equity. Unfortunately, many owners who have gone through this process are only made aware of the plan after the lender has taken legal action to collect payment. These crooks commonly utilize online transactions and document requests to obtain the information they need to steal money from your equity and disappear. Purchasing title insurance and safeguarding your personal information will help you protect yourself and your money from this type of fraud. Unfortunately, because they are slower to recognize indicators of a problem and are less technically informed than younger consumers, elderly people are usually the target of this conduct.


There are fake sellers, real estate agents, and even fake real estate attorneys with sophisticated Fake sellers, real estate agents, and even fake real estate attorneys who use elaborate systems involving multiple actors to deceive customers into believing they are dealing with a legitimate business. Moving firms take advantage of this by holding your belongings hostage until you comply with their demands and pay exorbitant fees. Weatherford house buyers and sellers should carefully check the backgrounds of everybody with whom they are doing business, including licenses, to assist avoid these scams. Another method is to collect feedback from other customers by reviewing professionals and companies on websites like Yelp. Finally, seek referrals from reliable friends or other professionals in a related area before working with anyone in the real estate market, just as you should with mechanics or home repair service providers. Use well-established and renowned suppliers to be on the safe side.

As you can expect, there are numerous variations of these scams. While we couldn’t possibly cover them all here, you can rest certain that the expert buyers at TMC Property Solutions are well-versed in the kind of hoaxes and scams that Weatherford property buyers and sellers should be cautious of. When you work with TMC Property Solutions, you can expect easy contracts and no pressure. Your information is safe with TMC Property Solutions, as is the assured closure date, which is usually within days.

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