How To Determine The Value Of Your Mobile Home in Weatherford

How to Determine The Value Of Your Mobile Home in Weatherford
How to Determine The Value Of Your Mobile Home in Weatherford

Are you looking to know the value of your mobile home?  If you are considering selling a mobile home in Weatherford and looking forward to putting some money in your pocket, you will need to determine its value.  Learn more about how to determine what its worth in our latest post!

Estimating the value of your mobile home or manufactured home is a bit different than determining the value of a single-family property.  You have a lot of options when it comes to selling.  You might sell through an agent to a traditional buyer or consider selling your house directly to a real estate investor as they pay cash and close within days.  Using the tips below, even someone not in the real estate industry can come up with an approximate value.

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How To Determine The Value Of Your Mobile Home in Weatherford

Inspect The Inside And The Outside

It’s important to know as much as possible about the property you are selling.  There will very likely be repairs needed that you hadn’t previously been aware of.  Make yourself a checklist, and carefully inspect every square inch of the house.  On the inside, look closely at the electrical system and make sure everything is in working order. Make sure all the switches and outlets are in working order.  Check the walls to ensure stability and any damage from water getting in.  Do the same with the roof, keeping an eye out for water staining on the ceiling and walls.  Check the flooring to make sure there are no soft spots or holes.  This is a common problem mobile owners face that single-family owners typically wouldn’t need to worry about.  Check out the plumbing to ensure all faucets work properly and that there aren’t any leaks.

Outside, you’ll want to look for any visible signs of damage to the siding and roof.  Make sure there are no dents or places water can get in, and there are no soft spots or missing shingles on the roof.  You’ll want to also take a good look underneath to ensure no damage or pests is living under the home.  Look for any loose wiring or insulation and repair as needed.

At TMC Property Solutions, we can help you determine the value of your mobile home and make you an offer to buy it. While the price may not always be retail, you will save on repairs, marketing, agent fees, commissions, and other costs you will incur when listing.

Research Recent Sales

Look at what other mobile homes in the area are selling for.  Don’t take into account the ones that are listed, focus on the ones that have sold recently.  The mobile homes need to be comparable in the year of build, size, and condition.  Specifically, look at mobile homes within .5 miles if you are in the city, within 1 mile if you are in the suburbs, and within 5 miles if you are in a more rural area.  You can also look at what the county property assessor has for the value of your mobile home.  While their numbers are often lower than market value, they can give you a good jumping-off point.

Value Of Your Mobile HomeConsider The Neighborhood

Yes, mobile homes are mobile, but you should consider where they are currently located, especially if you own the land the mobile home is on.  When determining the value of your mobile home, factor in local school ratings, crime statistics, accessibility, businesses, and other amenities in the immediate area.  A mobile home in a nice area will sell for more than the same mobile home in a not-so-great area.

Consult The NADA Manufactured Housing Appraisal Guide

The National Automobile Dealers Association creates a pricing guide for manufactured homes.  This is like the Kelley Blue Book of mobile homes.  You can either check with your local library for a copy of the physical book or request a report online.  There is a fee to get a report online, but it will greatly help you if you are unsure of the value of a mobile home.  Multiple reports are available at different price points, so you can be sure you are only paying for the information that is important to you.  This report will not consider the value of your land, only the structure.  The land your mobile home sits on can sometimes even be worth more than the one that sits on it.  Be sure to do your own research without solely relying on the report… especially if you own the land underneath it.

Hire A Pro

If you hire a professional appraiser for your Weatherford mobile home, ensure they are well-experienced.  Appraising a mobile home can be very different than appraising a single-family home, so you must ensure they know what they are looking for.  Just like any other real estate, your appraiser needs to be accredited.  Once they have looked over your property, be sure to review the report independently to ensure nothing was missed!

If you’re not feeling comfortable about determining your mobile home’s value and want to sell your house fast in Weatherford or a nearby city, the easiest thing to do is call a local house buyer like TMC Property Solutions.  They can do the comparable market analysis for you, make you a fast and fair cash offer for your house, and close on a date of your choice.

So what are your options at this point? Call TMC Property Solutions at (817) 550-5069 Opt# 1 24/7 or send us a message to learn more about receiving your no-obligation offer or simply answer a few simple questions here, and we’ll be back in touch shortly.

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Determine The Value Of Your Mobile Home in Weatherford

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