How to Sell a House With A Clouded Title in Weatherford

Sell a house with a cloudy title

What is a Clouded Title?

Do you need to sell a house with a clouded title? But what is a clouded title or a cloud on the title? A clouded or defective title can result from liens, judgments, title problems, or encumbrances because they make it difficult to identify the rightful owner. A hazy or flawed title also causes problems if you need to sell a house because the majority of buyers use conventional lenders to obtain a mortgage. A title search on the property is one of the steps in the process when purchasers qualify for a loan; lenders typically need title insurance.

Due to the uncertainty generated by the title, buyers steer clear of homes that are subject to liens or are in the foreclosure process. When you have to sell your house but don’t have the money to remove the cloud yourself, it can be very frustrating. The ambiguous title will almost always keep you from selling unless you can find a buyer ready to take on your problems. Continue reading to learn how to sell your house in Weatherford that has a clouded title.

What Causes a Cloud on Title?

Unresolved problems with the property are frequently the cause of a cloud on the title. For instance, if a mortgagee starts foreclosure procedures after a borrower misses a payment, the delinquent borrower may not be able to sell the property to a third party during that time.

There could be liens on the property from creditors or from agreements the owner made. If a property owner owns the property outright, they may use it as collateral for fresh financing to cover other costs or debts. Such a deal can entail putting a lien on the home until the loan is paid off.

If there was a problem with payment for contracted construction or redevelopment work, property owners may learn that a mechanic’s lien was put on the property. Till all labor and material costs are paid, the mechanic’s lien will be in effect. Any buyer of the property would be required to take on the burden of taking care of the related problems since the lien remains with the property rather than the property owner. The revelation of this kind of title defect would probably put off prospective buyers from purchasing the property.


If Uncle Sam is involved and you need to sell a house in Weatherford, you must hire a certified tax expert to help you negotiate a payment schedule, just like you can with your local property tax collector. You’ll be free to proceed with your selling after paying off your debt. We acquire houses in Weatherford with shady titles at TMC Property Solutions; we offer guaranteed closings, generally in a matter of days, with the freedom to set closing at the optimal date for you whether we negotiate on your behalf or take it all on our shoulders. In order for you to decide which is best when a direct buyer from TMC Property Solutions makes an offer, we also supply the figures used to arrive at the offer and a comparison with the profits from a standard listing. At TMC Property Solutions, we want you to feel good about the deal long beyond the close, thus our objective is for you to accept our offer as fair.

Title Company

One option for you to sell a house with a clouded title in Weatherford is to work directly with a title company. However, you should be aware that this procedure requires time and that you will need to fix the problem, get the burden eliminated and dismissed if it has already been fixed, or determine whether the cloud is an error.

Reputable title experts may assist you in developing a plan based on the type of debt to address the problem and move forward. Or you can hire seasoned professionals like those at TMC Property Solutions to help you with everything. In addition, you won’t have to spend time or money on preparation or repairs before the sale, marketing costs, or the headaches of showings because our local direct purchasers at TMC Property Solutions buy houses as-is for cash. This saves you even more time and money. Work with the full-service network of providers we have on staff at TMC Property Solutions to handle any issue homeowners may have, including hazy titles, with ease.

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The greatest option if you need to sell a house in Weatherford with a clouded title is to sell it directly to TMC Property Solutions. It is a simple and quick process to sell directly to TMC Property Solutions, and there are no commissions, closing costs, or additional costs. So, without any commitment, speak with one of our qualified experts at TMC Property Solutions to learn how we can help you with your particular set of circumstances and guide you toward the best answer. At TMC Property Solutions, we recognize that successful communication is essential. Due to this, we pause everything to pay attention to you, taking the time to address any of your worries and address your inquiries while guiding you through the procedure step-by-step. Call/Text TMC Property Solutions at (817) 550-5069 Opt# 1.

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