How To Sell A House With Fire Damage In Benbrook

How To Sell A House With Fire Damage In Benbrook
How To Sell A House With Fire Damage In Benbrook

How to Sell A House With Fire Damage in Benbrook

Do you have a damaged home you need to sell fast?  Whether big or small, a fire can be devastating to a house and the people who live inside of it. Just because your home has fire damage, doesn’t mean it’s unsellable.  How to sell a house with fire damage in Benbrook?  Unfortunately, many houses catch fire and many are sold after being damaged by a fire. In our latest post, we will offer tips on how to sell a house with fire damage in Benbrook or in the surrounding areas!

After dealing with a fire, a homeowner will often feel a bit shell-shocked and overwhelmed.  Selling the house is often decided upon to escape traumatizing memories and to allow for a fresh start.  Before signing up with a realtor and listing the house on the MLS, there are a few things you should consider first.

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To Repair or Not To Repair

How much do you want to spend making repairs?  Buyers on the MLS typically aren’t looking for fixer-uppers, especially not something with extensive fire damage.  If you want to get the house in front of these sorts of buyers, expect to do some of the work first.  When dealing with fire damage, it is important to be prepared for the things you aren’t able to see with the naked eye.  You could have structural damage, smoke damage, and other problems as a result of the fire.  In some cases, homeowners will opt to tear the house down and start over, or cut their losses, sell the land and move on.  Restoration companies might be expensive, but often times their services are worth every penny when you choose the correct one.  They will provide a thorough cleaning and repair of the damaged areas and provide you with a nice home for many years to come.

Instead of attempting to list the house on the MLS, you have the option to sell the house to a private buyer such as TMC Property Solutions.  We purchase homes in the Benbrook area, as-is.  We can help with fire damage and other roadblocks sellers find themselves facing.  When you sell directly to us, you won’t have to make a single repair to the house, and you don’t pay any closing costs or commissions.  You will be able to sell it quickly and move on with your life!

Sell Direct

Very often direct buyers are real estate investors, and their sole purpose in buying a property is to make a profit.  So look at your house from their point of view.  By selling your house directly to a company such as ours TMC Property Solutions, you will be able to quickly and easily walk away from the home.  We know that you might have painful memories, so we aim to make the process as quick and easy as possible.  We will pay a fair price for your house, calculating the repair costs in our offer.  You won’t have to worry about finding a buyer, making repairs, or having an inspection because we purchase as-is.  We will take care of everything so you can move on with your life.

Many direct buyers such as TMC Property Solutions will oftentimes buy a house as-is, but, generally, you don’t get the best price in this situation because of the repair costs but you do get a fair price and it’s SOLD and DONE-WITH quickly.


The costs to repair a fire-damaged home can vary greatly.  While insurance will cover many things, however, you will still likely incur expenses you won’t be able to recover.  Once your house has been damaged by fire, the repair costs are only the beginning.  You will need to pay for the house to be professionally cleaned and inspections to deem the house livable.  If you decide to sell your fire-damaged house to us, as-is, the repair costs are factored into the offer and it’s SOLD fast.

There are real estate investors and home-buying companies eager to purchase your fixer-upper home.  This is an extremely beneficial alternative to a traditional listing.  One thing to watch out for is inexperienced and unethical buyers.  Make sure you are dealing with a reputable company such as TMC Property Solutions.  We make things straightforward, simple, and transparent from start to finish.  A good homebuyer company will never pressure you to sell.  Rather we will work together to find a solution that works for you!  Be sure to check out their company or name on Google.  We highly recommend you check out TMC Property Solutions on Google as well.

Emotional Effects

After dealing with a fire in your house, there is bound to be a wide array of emotions.  Make sure you take the time to fully weigh your options, without rushing into anything.  Get the help you need to handle any emotional distress you might be dealing with.  Then, and only when you are ready, deal with the next steps for your home.  Do you need to prepare your house to sell to a direct buyer in Benbrook?  It’s probably a good idea to do some preparation at least.  Just carefully plan the prep work, looking at everything from the direct buyer’s point of view, and don’t sink too much money into it.

Disclose Everything

If you decide to hire an agent to sell a house with fire damage, it is critical that you disclose everything.  A distressed house will often require many repairs to be made.  Leaving something out can cost you!  It is imperative all potential buyers know the history and condition of the home they are thinking about buying.  It is better to be upfront than to hide a problem.  It might take longer to find a buyer, but at least you won’t be setting yourself up for a lawsuit.

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