How To Sell A House With Termite Damage in Weatherford

sell a house with termite damage
Selling a house with termite damage

If you need to Sell A House With Termite Damage it can feel like a challenge.  Moreover, dealing with a termite infestation is never fun. So, how to sell a house with termite damage in Weatherford? It can be particularly frustrating when these tiny bugs infest a house that you want to sell.  Just because they have invaded, doesn’t mean all hope is lost.  Time and money are crucial factors when you need to sell your house with termite structural damage.  In our latest post, we will give you pointers to sell a house with termite damage in Weatherford.

Let’s face it, having bugs in your house is gross.  Potential buyers can become very put off by seeing any little creature running through your home.  You should try to solve the problem at the first signs of infestation.  This will save you money and frustration down the road.

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How To Sell A House With Termite Damage in Weatherford

Determine The Size of The Infestation

Determine if you are dealing with a full-blown infestation or just a few bugs.  Hopefully, it is the latter and you have been able to catch them in time.  Whether you have 1 or 1,000,000 don’t hesitate in handling the problem.  A termite infestation can grow rapidly, so take action at the first signs of them in your home.

Extermination Can Be Expensive

Depending on the size of the infestation, the extermination can cost thousands of dollars.  This is why it is important to catch the invaders as quickly as possible.  You don’t want to spend thousands on a problem that could have only cost a couple hundred. If left unattended, termites can cause major structural damage, and even destroy your entire home.

Many direct buyers such as TMC Property Solutions will oftentimes buy a house as-is, but, generally, you don’t get the best price in this situation because of the repair costs.

Disclose Everything

A distressed house will often require many repairs to be made.  It is important that you tell all potential buyers about the infestation and what you have done to remedy it.  They need to be aware of what has happened to the home and be on the lookout for any resulting damages. Not doing so is fraud and can cost you big-time.  It is better to be upfront than to hide a problem.  It might take longer to find a buyer, but at least you won’t be setting yourself up for a lawsuit.

Buyers May Have Funding Difficulties

As you might imagine, lenders may not want to provide financing for a house that could potentially have a small army of intruders.  Invasive termites and other pests can cause a wealth of problems.  Termites can not only cause structural damage but electrical damage too.  It might be more difficult for your potential buyers to get a loan once the bank learns about the infestation.  Keep this in mind, and provide any and all cleanup and repair verification the bank requires.

There are real estate investors and home-buying companies eager to purchase your fixer-upper home.  This is an extremely beneficial alternative to a traditional listing.  One thing to watch out for is inexperienced and unethical buyers.  Make sure you are dealing with a reputable company such as TMC Property Solutions.  We make things straightforward, simple, and transparent from start to finish.  A good homebuyer will never pressure you to sell.  Rather we will work together to find a solution that works for you!

Buyers Might Get The Heebie Jeebies

People don’t typically like bugs, especially when they are in their house.  Do everything you can to ensure potential buyers that the problem has been properly resolved.  Consider having a preemptive inspection done, showing proof that there are no longer bugs living on your walls.  Do other things during open houses and property showings to emphasize the cleanliness and quality of the home.  Make sure the place is spotless, smells amazing, and is decorated impeccably.  Make the place look so great, that potential buyers won’t even remember you had a problem with termites in the first place.  When showing the home to potential buyers, help them imagine what the home “could be”.  It might seem strange in a run-down house, but it will serve as a subtle reminder that this could be an amazing house for the right person.

Consider Selling As-Is

There is a way you avoid the costs of fumigation, listing, and waiting for the right buyer, and that is to sell your Weatherford house as-is.  At TMC Property Solutions, we buy all sorts of distressed Weatherford houses.  We will buy your house as it is right now, handling any of the problems that come along with it.  With a direct sale to TMC Property Solutions, there is little to no effort needed on your part.  We handle all of the details and pride ourselves on providing a smooth transaction for you.  A direct sale can help alleviate the costs and hassles of a burdensome Weatherford home.  You will not need to clean up the house for photos or property showings.  We buy as-is, so there aren’t any repairs required.  If the house is run-down and outdated, you will not need to spend any time making improvements.  In fact, when you sell to us, you won’t even need to clean up. All you need to do it remove the items you wish to keep, and we will handle the rest!

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