How to Sell a Texas House When Moving to Assisted Living

How to Sell a House When Moving to Assisted Living
How to Sell a Texas House When Moving to Assisted Living

Are you moving to assisted living?

There are numerous important details to take care of when shifting to an assisted living facility, including selling your house. How you sell your house can make all the difference in getting the most money and having a good time. Moving and starting a new life can be stressful, so why not consider another alternative that allows you to sell your home quickly and easily?

For example, you’ll be aware of every detail utilized to calculate the profit you could make if you put your house on the market vs the TMC Property Solutions‘s offer, which you’ll agree is reasonable. We do this at TMC Property Solutions because we want you to be happy with the deal long after it’s closed, even if it means telling you that listing with an agent is a better option for you. Continue reading to learn more about how to sell a house in Texas while moving to an assisted living facility.

No Commissions

If you consider listing with a real estate agent to sell a residence in Texas when moving to an assisted living facility, one of the most significant drawbacks is paying out their expensive commissions. You will not have to pay commissions when working with a direct buyer from TMC Property Solutions.

No Hidden Fees

When selling a house in Texas on the traditional market, you will pay broker fees and other hidden costs. Brokerage fees are calculated as a percentage of the transaction value, a flat charge, or a combination of the two. Brokerage costs differ depending on the industry and broker type.

A brokerage fee is often a flat fee or a set percentage charged to the buyer, seller, or both in the real estate market. Mortgage brokers assist potential borrowers in locating and obtaining mortgage loans; their fees range from 1% to 2% of the loan amount.

When you work with TMC Property Solutions to sell your home, however, you will have complete transparency and know exactly how much money you will receive at closing.

No Repairs

You won’t have to worry about passing an inspection or paying thousands of dollars out of pocket to sell your home since TMC Property Solutions will purchase it as-is. Furthermore, if the house is on the market, more problems may surface, costing you more in repairs. Buyers may also cancel the transaction if the examination reveals major flaws. You won’t have to worry about your buyer bailing out because TMC Property Solutions guarantees a guaranteed closing date. Another method TMC Property Solutions makes it easier to sell a house in Texas when transitioning to an assisted living facility is by saving you the costs and headaches of time-consuming repairs. They can be expensive, and buyers may or may not like what you have done. TMC Property Solutions will take care of that for you, and it’s included in our offer for your house.

No Worries

Another advantage of selling straight to TMC Property Solutions when relocating to an assisted living facility is that you can forgo the modifications to your home and avoid the nonstop cleaning required to prepare for inconvenient showing appointments. You will also not be responsible for any marketing costs. The experts at TMC Property Solutions have 22+ years of experience working with homeowners with various issues; we can assist you in overcoming any obstacles that are preventing you from selling your property.

No Waiting

When you need to sell a house in Texas to move into an assisted living facility, many options exist. When you list a house on the traditional market, your potential buyers may have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage, and it takes time to complete all of the requirements for the loan to be granted. Buyers might also make mistakes with their credit while going through the loan process, delaying final approval and forcing them to start over. Furthermore, the time you spend keeping your house on the market while it’s listed is expensive, and the monthly charges are known as holding costs. On the other side, when we pay in cash, TMC Property Solutions makes the process go quickly because there is no red tape with lenders or underwriters. TMC Property Solutions can usually plan the closing in a few weeks or less. You may now relax because we will not be moving into the property, and TMC Property Solutions can work with you to schedule closing on the date you like.

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