Ways A Direct Home Sale Will Save You Money in Weatherford

Direct Home Sale
Direct Home Sale

There are many ways to sell your house in Weatherford.  A direct home sale will save you time and money as compared to a traditional listing with an agent.  In general, going the traditional route to sell your house – that is, using a real estate agent, going through multiple showings, and waiting for a buyer to secure financing – will often get you a higher sale price.  Many direct buyers such as TMC Property Solutions will often buy a house as-is, but, generally, you don’t get the best price in this situation because of the repair costs.  So do you need to prepare your house to sell to a direct buyer?  Learn more about how easy the process can be if your home qualifies in our latest post!

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A Direct Home Sale Will Save You Money in Weatherford!

#1 – No Commissions

You might not know that you have many options in doing a direct home sale when it’s time to sell!  For many people considering listing vs. direct sale to a real estate investor in Weatherford, the latter is often the better/ faster option.  When you sell your house using a direct sale to TMC Property Solutions, you will avoid all of the typical costs you might incur with an agent i.e. commissions and standard closing costs.  You will not have to worry about paying expensive agent commissions or miscellaneous fees/closing costs.  Some agents will charge administrative fees, so make sure you know exactly what your agent costs will be if you decide to sign a listing agreement.

#2 – No Repairs

Most professional house buyers and investors will buy your house “as-is”.  This will save you the money you would normally be paying upfront to get the house ready for the MLS.  In addition, buyers will try to negotiate additional repairs after the home inspection has been completed.  This is a common practice and could cost you time and money to perform in order to close and be done with it.

#3 – No Clean-Out Required

When we say we buy “as-is”, we mean it.  Another of the benefits of selling directly to an investor in Weatherford is fast closing.  Moving can be stressful enough.  You don’t have to spend your time cleaning either now, or for the next few months while it’s listed.  Getting a house ready for the market typically requires a bit more than your standard clean-up.  When listing, you will need to get it photo-ready.  And for property showings, your agent is likely to recommend a professional deep cleaning of the house, carpets, etc.  You should also consider the exterior of the house.  Landscaping and curb appeal should be kept up throughout the entire listing/sale process.

#4 – No Closing Costs

Not all homebuyers will pay the closing costs, however, at TMC Property Solutions, we pay them in their entirety.  You will not have to pay for title insurance, transfer fees, deed recording fees, notarization fees, or anything else that would come with a standard closing.  We want to make the Direct Home Sale process simple for you so that you can move on with your life.

#5 – No Marketing Costs

When you list your house, there are marketing fees that will need to be covered.  Some agents include this in their service. However, many others will hit you up for photography fees, listing fees, and costs to advertise the house on certain real estate websites.  Sometimes you will even find yourself covering the costs of signage and items for an open house.  Before signing a contract with an agent, make sure you understand what’s included.

#6 – No Storage or Staging Fees

Most agents will recommend you remove all clutter and personal belongings from the home.  This includes paperwork, personal photos, and clutter of any sort.  Think about real estate listings you have seen.  Often times the listing showing cluttered photos are overlooked.  We tend to keep scrolling until we see homes that look catalog worthy.  Sometimes, this can be beneficial as you will get a head start on packing.  However, it can also make you feel like you are living in a hotel and not your own home. In addition, you need a place to put all your stuff.  You might find yourself with the additional cost of renting a storage unit until your home is sold and you have moved on to something else.

#7 – End Your Monthly Bills

You will immediately be free of the monthly bills, property tax obligations, homeowners insurance, general maintenance costs, and more.   Owning a house can be expensive, especially if it is an older, run-down property.  When you sell to TMC Property Solutions, we are able to close in days, not months.  This alone can potentially save you thousands!

When it comes down to selling your house through an agent or to an investor, selling to an investor is faster and easier…  as long as you find the right investor!  We’re happy to talk to you before you make any decision!  We want to get to know you and earn the right to buy your house.

Consider our company TMC Property Solutions, for example, you are welcome to click around our site and learn more about us.  We are an open book and always happy to help.  Feel free to get in touch with us to ask our team questions before you decide. We highly recommend you check out our BBB report here and that of all investors you are considering.

Do you want to sell a house in Weatherford?  Consider a direct home sale to TMC Property Solutions!  

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