5 Signs of a Trustworthy Home Buyer in Weatherford

5 signs of a Trustworthy Home Buyer
5 signs of a trustworthy home buyer

Do you have a home you need to sell fast?  Do you understand the advantages of selling your own home to a trustworthy home buyer?  There are several questions to consider early in the selling process if you want to sell your house to take advantage of the current market.  If you want to sell your house in Weatherford, you have likely seen many homebuying companies out there wanting to purchase your home.  However, not all buyers are the same.  In our latest post, learn more about how to separate good home buyers from bad ones!

The 5 Signs of a Trustworthy Home Buyer

You might not know that you have many options when it’s time to sell!  For many buyers and situations, a direct sale might be the way to go.  However, before you sell to a professional Weatherford home buyer, take some time to learn about the company’s background.  Different buyers operate in different ways, but no matter how they operate, you need to make sure you can trust them.  Keep reading to learn about the signs of a trustworthy home buyer in Weatherford.  Another option is working with local real estate investors/home buyers such as TMC Property Solutions who will buy your house directly from you, close quickly- usually within a few days or on a date of your choice, and you never pay closing costs or commissions.

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How Long Have They Been In Business?

Much of the real estate sales success experience has to do with getting to know your buyer.  Although, you don’t have to rule out a company just because they are new to the game.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  However, a company that has been around for a while likely has streamlined its process and is obviously doing something right to still be in business.  The real estate business is no different than any other business.  People are more likely to deal with people they like and with whom they trust and feel comfortable.  A company with a longer amount of time in business will likely have more knowledge and local market experience, allowing them to pay you a fair price for your Weatherford house.

Can They Provide References?

Any great home buyer will be able to provide references from past clients.  Don’t rely solely on the top reviews they have cherry-picked.  Ask to get references from their last 5 transactions if possible.  This will allow you to get a better grasp of what people really think about the service.  Create some questions ahead of time and consider asking some out-of-the-box questions.  This is a big transaction, and you will want to make sure you are choosing the right buyer for your Weatherford house.

What Does Their Social Presence Reveal?

Not every business spend a lot of time on social media or project themselves socially, however, there are some definite signs to look for.  Do they reply to questions posted on their page?  Do they engage with customers or just post content?  Do they allow reviews on their Facebook page? If not, there is likely a reason why.

Do You Feel Pressure To Sell?

How fast do you need to sell?  This is one of the most important first decisions you need to make… because this really dictates what options you really have.  If you have more time… you have more options open to you. If you have less time… your options are a bit fewer… but you still have great options out there.

However, there should never, NEVER be any high-pressure sales.  Companies like TMC Property Solutions provide information and alternatives to a traditional sale.  We offer fast closing to people who need it!  However, we know it isn’t right for everyone, and that is completely ok!  We ultimately want you to make the smartest, most well-informed decision when it’s time to sell your house.  We will never pressure you or talk you into something that is not in your best interest.  We invite you to get an offer, then take some time to compare your options for yourself.  We will be happy to fully explain our offers and how we arrive at the prices we do.  The process should be easy and transparent, at no time should you feel pressured into a sale.

How Is Their Standing With The BBB?

A non-governmental organization called The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is purposed to enhance marketplace trust.  Review the company on the BBB website to find out if there are complaints against the company.  You can take some reviews with a grain of salt.  Sometimes people become frustrated about something out of the buyer’s control and opt to leave a negative review.  However, if you notice patterns or unaddressed complaints, there might be a much larger issue.

These vital tips, then, are a good starting point to know the 5 signs of a Trustworthy Home Buyer.  While a cash offer might be lower than what you would list it for, many times you end up with more money in the long run after all of the fees, commissions, and other costs are taken out.  Not to mention the stress and headaches of having your home on the market. (imagine people driving by constantly some even peeking in your windows! It happens!)  Still, though, there’s, even more, you can do to expedite the sale.

At TMC Property Solutions, we can often buy houses in Weatherford in 7-10 days.  Enter your information to Get a Cash Offer and we can get back to you right away to give you more details.

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