How Much Does Your Texas Empty House Cost You

How much does an empty house cost
How Much Does an Empty House Cost?

Did you know that an empty house can cost you more than anticipated?

So you’ve put your house on the market and are already spending the proceeds in your head. But, before you sell the house, have you calculated all the possible finances you’ll need? Or the potential expense of time spent on the market? Holding your home during the listing process might be costly. The wait can be unpleasant if you’re in a hurry to sell for personal or financial reasons. Spending money to prepare for showings by touching up the paint and upgrading your decor, staging the home, and marketing charges may be out of reach if you’re already struggling to pay your bills. Hiring specialists for drone footage and high-quality digital photos are becoming the industry standard for internet listings.

There are various reasons why homes may sit on the market for an extended period. Perhaps the buyer’s finance fell through, the house is in bad shape, the price is too high, or the property isn’t in line with the type of property purchasers are looking for, or it doesn’t blend in with the neighborhood and sticks out like a sore thumb. Regardless of why your home is vacant and on the market, the longer it is listed, the lower the final sales price will be. So keep reading to find out how much your Texas empty house costs you.

Monthly Expenses

Your unoccupied house in Texas costs you in utilities each month in addition to your mortgage payments, and your agent would not enjoy it if they couldn’t switch on the lights during a showing. Unfortunately, when you sell your home with a real estate agent, they can’t guarantee a closing date, so these fees could eat into your profits for months. You can avoid the steady leak of funds for ongoing monthly utilities by selling directly to TMC Property Solutions rather than listing; we offer assured closing dates, usually within weeks.

Insurance and Taxes

Your unoccupied house in Texas is also costing you money in terms of taxes and insurance. The taxes due will be prorated and deducted at closing; you may determine how much you owe by dividing the annual payment by 12. You’ll need to maintain your homeowner’s insurance throughout the listing period. PIP private mortgage insurance will need to be added to your holding costs if you still owe 80 percent or more on an existing mortgage. Working with a direct buyer from TMC Property Solutions is another alternative for paying off your taxes and ending the never-ending insurance payments.


Your empty house in Texas is costing you more than you can imagine if there are evident symptoms of decay. Buyers read through postings quickly, and your marketing must grab their attention. You won’t get many offers if you can’t afford to perform critical repairs and the home’s condition is visible in your listing images. In this circumstance, any bids you receive are almost certainly well below the true market worth of your home. When it comes to beginning home repairs, especially if it is an older property, it can be quite stressful and pricey because you never know what you will find as you dive deeper into the process. We’re ready to buy your house in its current state for cash at TMC Property Solutions. Allow TMC Property Solutions‘s buyers to take on the risk of making repairs on your property, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket.


Another often-overlooked cost is the maintenance of your empty house in Texas. If you relocated great distances for employment or personal reasons, you may be paying to travel between homes, which is both expensive and frustrating. You might also pay to have your property monitored, with regular checks for indicators of problems and landscaping maintenance.

While your house is on the market, you must keep everything in check. Since your agent cannot give a specific timeframe for when the house gets sold, you may also want to conduct a frequent visual assessment of the property to ensure everything is in working order. Examine the roof and gutters on the outside and the plumbing on the interior. A walkthrough every couple of weeks, at different times and on different days, will help you discover problems before they become too serious.

Have You Considered For Sale By Owner?

If you haven’t considered an FSBO listing, head on over to one of our recent posts Tips for Considering a FSBO Listing for Your Texas Property to learn more.


When you consider the costs of holding your empty house in Texas, it makes sense to sell it directly to TMC Property Solutions and keep more of your profits. Working with the direct purchasers at TMC Property Solutions will save you even more money because we never charge commissions, and there are no closing expenses. Furthermore, our transactions at TMC Property Solutions are simple and clear; there are no hidden costs, and we show every figure in our offer, which you will agree is a fair market value. We are proud of our work supporting our community and neighbors here in Texas, and we want you to feel good about the sale long after it closes, so the direct buyers at TMC Property Solutions will not put you under any pressure.

If we can’t help you, we probably know someone that can, so give us a call today.

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